Project HIGHTOWER A high Capacity Networked Computing Cluster.

This project was designed for a good friend of ours. Details will not be given as to what is behind the beautiful black Antec cases and their blue glowing fans in the front, except to say that the computing power here is orders of magnitude greater than that of your average American household. Enterprise level network security for this project is provided by Overload Industries.

Project SILVERWAVE A Lightweight Portable Software Defined Radio Kit

This is a massive collection of working radio-frequency analysis and signals intelligence solutions on a single Ubuntu Linux distribution. If it goes over radio waves then SILVERWAVE has everything necessary to demodulate it, parse it and decode it. This system is built around the GNU Radio framework and while an Ettus Research USRP B200 is in use here, any number of different SDR front-ends can be used. The GNU Radio framework allows RF signal processing normally done in specialized hardware to be done on the general purpose microprocessor or the floating-point arithmetic unit in your display adapter. Because of the flexibility of the Linux kernel, any modern PC compatible hardware is supported. This project contains a number of our proprietary modules.

Project MARV The Multirotor Aerial Reconnisance Vehicle

In simple terms, a drone. The MARV is a highly customized aerial surveilance platform built on an aluminum and fiberglass frame. It uses 900 MHz for telemetry downlink and basic control commands, 2.4 GHz for flight control and 5.8 GHz for video downlink. The flight control system is build around a modified version of the ArduPilot 2.x platform. It has a top speed of 45 km/h and a flight time of about 10-15 minutes depending on flight pattern. The MARV is also capable of automatic take-off, landing and following of a pre-programmed flight path. There are also several fail-safe mechanisms built in to the MARV, including routines of RSSI and power control.